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Freddy Fazbear: Mothers Day by VashandNaomiForever
Freddy Fazbear: Mothers Day
Freddy sharing the stage with his momma. Fun fan art from FNAF, celebrating mothers day! All characters belong to Scott Cawthon. 
Freya and Amarant : Cold Feet Fan-Art by VashandNaomiForever
Freya and Amarant : Cold Feet Fan-Art
This is from a scene in a fanfiction story I wrote called Cold Feet. They are sharing a tent, Amarant notices Freya shivering and covers her with a blanket. 
Final Fantasy IX fan art.
Pokemon Suburbia: Gary's Lawn by VashandNaomiForever
Pokemon Suburbia: Gary's Lawn
Ash and Misty live in the suburbs next to Gary Oak. Ash's pokemon go potty on Gary's lawn and drive Gary nuts with their bad behavior.
Pokemon Fan-Art.


United States
I've always enjoyed "Doodling" but never necessarily took any of my drawing seriously. I never felt like I could do anything as nice as other terrific artists I had seen, so I never really considered trying hard at making my form/ style better. Heck, even considering myself having a certain 'style' to my art. It was just me messing around with pencil and paper. Now as I've gotten older, I really want to work on trying to see how far I can push myself, to really see if there is actually something inside this person that's considered "artistic" or not. So here's to trying. I will be the first to admit I'm not by any means great at it. I'm just beginning. Maybe if I post up some things here, I can post more later on and see some improvement.

I like sketching, and inking. I suck at coloring, but I want to get better! It looks like a lot of fun, just need some practice! >_< I've tried both colored pencils and markers, so far the pencils are a bit easier to work with, and a lot more forgiving than markers!!!

I enjoy drawing Anime styled people/animals. Though I have caught myself still trying to give the people I do a bit of a realistic look to them, for example the typical pointed chin you have in anime I try to make more rounded and real looking. . .I have a hard time with making hands look correct, so if you notice most of the people I draw are hiding their hands, that's why. . .xD Lips can also give me a VERY hard time, especially when I'm attempting to draw couples. . .Which I will try to post a few of those up as well on here.

Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite style of art: anime
Personal Quote: Maybe if I look stupid they won't think I'm smart...

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If you DON'T like ffix, and just thought it was a pretty arts, that's okay too! I'm incredibly grateful for your appreciation~
but seriously, everyone needs to play this game
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